Script AutoHotKey : ajout date/heure

16 12 2011

Voilà un petit script AutoHotKey (.ahk) maison qui permet d’insérer la date et l’heure courante (ex: 16/12/2011 19:49:57) en appuyant sur la touche Ctrl + ! :

SendMode Input

	Send %A_DD%/%A_MM%/%A_YYYY% %A_Hour%:%A_Min%:%A_Sec%

Créez simplement un nouveau fichier insertDatetime.ahk et placez-y ce code (et installez autohotkey si vous ne l’avez pas).

Bien entendu vous pouvez choisir n’importe quelle combinaison de touche en modifiant le script (cf documentation d’autohotkey).

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, autohotkey est un logiciel de macro fonctionnant avec des script, qui permet d’automatiser des tâches simples. Il est d’ailleurs très utile pour tricher dans certains jeux vidéos ^^ (gachette facile).

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8 réponses à “Script AutoHotKey : ajout date/heure”

15 09 2012
Désactiver Ctrl+Z (annulation) sur l’explorateur Windows 7 (16:29:19) :

[...] J’ai déjà utilisé ce programme de macro dans un autre billet : Script AutoHotKey : ajout date/heure. [...]

30 06 2013
Excel 2007 date du jour si modif de la feuille (13:34:47) :

[...] c’est le cas, tu peux utiliser un programme externe, on peut le faire avec un script autohotkey : Script AutoHotKey : ajout date/heure. R

22 07 2015
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7 08 2019
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17 09 2019
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19 09 2019
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6 days agoI am a chestically endowed sister,
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22 09 2019
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On February 8, 2011, the Company was acquired by
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22 09 2019
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I am throughly impressed, and definitely enjoying this new album.

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This week has sucked. Last Saturday I totally forgot about my kid swimming lesson so she missed
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Back goes back one screen, typically, and is done with the
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Villanova has alumni in every corner of the business world, from Silicon Valley, to Wall Street, to C Suite executives at Fortune 500 companies.
All the alumni love the students and want to help them
out any way they can. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

dresses sale Next time we going to orientate the room
so they face each other.3 The X Thing. I think its too hard for the players to
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Equipped with the latest battlefield technology, and trained in the latest techniques of covert warfare, they strike swiftly, silently, invisibly.

They call themselves “the Ghosts.”. dresses sale

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Also, studies will continue into combating the side
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wholesale bikinis Like the Blood Orchid teasers, Ela is
practically a regular intro video already but the SDU ones are
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ops bulldoze a bunch of Recruits on the new map before facing off against
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